The Happiness Society

The Happiness Society is committed to creating a future where all people thrive. We nurture resilient happiness in our Selves, our families, our local communities, and our businesses. The Renaissance was caused by 1,000 people. Our members are the 15,000 people who have stepped up to change the world forever. . . .one smile, one kind word, one act of deep listening at a time.

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At the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009, the Dalai Lama said that the world would be healed by the Western woman. The European Renaissance was caused by 1000 people. Today, it would take 15,000 Western women to create a new global Renaissance to heal the world. Gretchen has committed to creating that community by 2020.

The vehicle is happiness. Inside of happiness, there is no capacity for anger, hatred, violence, or war. There is no capacity for anxiety, fear, depression, or suicide. Happiness is the key to the future.

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