“Gretchen’s mind for detail is amazing”
“Gretchen is simply brilliant when it comes to strategy”
“One of the most intellectually gifts students I ever taught.”

A colleague fondly describes Gretchen as “Sponge-Gretchen Smarty Pants,” a mixture of intellect and irreverence. She has consulted on a wide variety of projects over her 30 year career. Gretchen takes an interdisciplinary approach to projects, combining perspectives and models from: education, resilience psychology, anthropology, sociology, statistics, collective impact, coaching, entrepreneurship, the arts, and nonprofit management.

Consulting can be combined with keynotes, coaching, training, bulk sales, quantity e-book downloads, co-branded books, and affiliate marketing. Gretchen is very open to finding the best way to engage your people on your terms.

Put Gretchen’s knowledge, multidisciplinary background, and passions to work for you! Email her to set up a call to discuss your needs.