“Gretchen, you are awesome…I forgot how good you are, how knowledgeable.”
Leslie Marshall, The Leslie Marshall Show

“One of the most articulate, well spoken, and level headed guests we’ve ever had”
Tom Gulley, The Tom Gulley Show

Gretchen is a popular talk radio guest; her preferred format is 30 and 60 minute interviews. She has done numerous media interviews, including Fox News, CBS News, and Clear Channel. She speaks regularly about

  • Her April 2017 trip to Bhutan, the country which launched the global happiness movement
  • Authentic, resilient happiness
  • Volunteer Service and Happiness
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Buddhism
  • Conscious Capitalism and Happiness in the Workplace
  • Veterans and Military Families

Media Inquiries or Call +1 1-214-620-5360

Prior to going to Bhutan, Gretchen worked with military in transition for a decade. Affectionately known as “The Veteran Lady,” Gretchen is widely respected for her knowledge of today’s military transition issues and innovative, community based solutions to support our young military coming home. Gretchen is the author of Untying the Yellow Ribbon, “Veteran Studies Weekly,” and the “Veteran and Military Growth Initiative” for Tyler, Texas. In 2006, she founded Homeward Deployed.