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Mindset is the light that fuels happiness and unlocks your potential to change your world.

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The Happiness Society

The Happiness Society is committed to creating a future where all people thrive. We nurture resilient happiness in our Selves, our families, our local communities, and our businesses. The Renaissance was caused by 1,000 people. Our members are the 15,000 people who have stepped up to change the world forever.

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  • Susan Guthrie City Manager South Padre Island, TX

    Gretchen is a skilled capacity builder and strategic planner who is committed to addressing the needs of those who have served our country. She is a "get it done" leader who works very well with others to identify solutions and implement community action.
  • Heather Ramsay Executive Coach Sojourn Partners Rome, Italy

    Gretchen is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is intelligent, passionate and personable. I have seen her in several capacities over the last 7 years. As a public speaker, she has the ability to inspire and motivate people to action. As a coach and trainer, she is able to reach people where they are and help them develop skills beyond what they thought could be possible. As an advocate for our Veterans, she is able to see the whole and how each part weaves into the bigger picture. Gretchen is 10 steps ahead of the rest of us and she can not only see the struggles that are coming our way but she sees ways to avoid them. Her passion for helping to divert these struggles has lead her to develop multiple programs. Each program integrates our Veterans back into the civilian world in a way that does feeds local economies. I can't recommend Gretchen enough, she is a visionary who is able to put ideas into motion. Her strategic vision, integrity and dedication is what I could only aspire to achieve.
  • C.D. “Hoop” Morgan III Founder, Chairman Forte Institute North Carolina

    Working with Gretchen is working with the consummate idea machine. Even better, she has intense focus, runs with the idea in concert with other ideas/suggestions and makes them work. Excellent follow-through, authentic communications and relationships, and a highly valued member of the Forte Military Family Program. Gretchen's vast experience in developing proposals and programs is invaluable, add to that the ability to clearly communicate and motivate others to action extends beyond win – win. A results oriented team player/leader you can be assured Gretchen will do what she says she will do, and typically sooner than later and exceeding expectation.



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